When it comes to unique, casual styling, Paloma Clothing has you covered. We truly enjoy collecting a variety of eco-friendly clothing for women in our shop located in Portland and the greater metro area. Focusing on fabrics, styles, and wearability that appeal to all women, our multigenerational staff is always ready to help you choose the right pieces for your lifestyle and plans.

Among many others, we offer clothing from two companies, Aventura Clothing and Old Ranch Brands, that boast a family relationship. This offers our customers two casual fashion lines that feature sustainable materials and the use of Fair Trade Certified factories.

Family-Owned Sister Brands

Springing from a father who created a stretch fabric and designed shorts for sale in the 1960s, the Kirsch family continues this legacy with Aventura Clothing and Old Ranch Brands. The company is headquartered in Sparks, Nevada, and emphasizes its roots in outdoor activities and activewear that looks and feels great. While both brands share a commitment to the environment and a focus on casual clothes, Aventura Clothing designs are more contemporary, while Old Ranch clothing evokes the heritage of the American West with designs inspired by high desert, outdoor lifestyles.

Conscious Origins for Aventura Clothing and Old Ranch

Aventura Clothing and Old Ranch clothing emphasize durability, classic designs, comfort, and sustainability. Organic cotton, recycled polyester, and responsibly sourced wool are the main fabric materials utilized by Old Ranch, which was launched in 2019. There is an emphasis on clothes that will be worn for years and designs that endure. Aventura Clothing was started in 2006 and uses a variety of low-impact fabrics, including modal, Tencel modal, Tencel lyocell, hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester in its designs.

In addition to careful sourcing of fabrics and materials, the companies choose factories for manufacturing that are Fair Trade Certified, providing workers with appropriate wages, safe work environments, and transparent supply chains. These arrangements help protect fragile ecosystems, encourage organic agriculture, and promote greater independence for workers and farmers.

: woman wearing an Aventura Solex Puffy Vest, a red and black plaid long sleeve shirt and a scarf, while holding a purse on her shoulder

Choose Your Favorite Casual Styles

At Paloma Clothing, we don’t think you have to choose between looking great and being comfortable. What’s more, we have a strong dedication to protecting the global environment with sustainable fashion. For 40 years, Paloma Clothing has been helping women in the greater Portland metro area find clothing that helps them approach work and play with confidence. And we have found that the casual styles offered by Aventura Clothing and Old Ranch clothing are a favorite with our customers.

woman wearing casual button down shirt and jeans with an Aventura Solex Puffy Vest

Shared Community Values

Paloma Clothing is a woman-owned boutique that loves and supports the Portland community. We support several nonprofits and schools. Our owner, Kim Osgood, is a visual artist whose sensibilities help form the collection at Paloma Clothing. What’s more, 70 percent of the clothing we sell is made in the U.S.

We think the clear vision behind the women-designed fashion at Aventura Clothing and Old Ranch Brands adds practical styling choices for our customers. We appreciate our shared community values with Aventura and Old Ranch, as they work towards an ethical supply chain for fashions that lessen harmful environmental impacts.

Complete Your Look with Ethical Jewelry and Accessories

Many of our customers travel for work and pleasure, and we love helping them find the right clothing and accessories for their trips. Paloma Clothing offers a unique collection of ethically sourced jewelry and accessories that includes scarves, bags, wallets, socks, and hats. Along with your Aventura Clothing or Old Ranch Brand fashions, choose a vegan tote bag or a colorful Maruca handbag for your next jaunt. Whether you are going to a mountain resort or a nearby city, you will be dressed in comfortable, breathable fabrics that look great.

woman wearing sweater and scarf with a purple cross body Baggallini bag

Shop Paloma Clothing in Person and Online

Explore our boutique, located in the Hillsdale Shopping Center. Or if you are located outside the Portland metro area, shop with us online. Either way, you will enjoy superior customer service and a wonderful selection of clothing and accessories. Contact us today.