Paloma ClothingAnyone who is constantly on the go knows the importance of a durable, fashion-forward bag. And if you’re a conscious shopper, you’re likely looking for a bag constructed of environmentally friendly and long-lasting materials, as well. At Paloma Clothing, we offer a wide selection of ethically sourced bags and wallets from numerous brands to our customers in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding metro area.

Ethical Bag Brands

Our bags and wallets come from top brands that pair well with the diverse looks in our boutique. Check out the collection we have in stock from the following brands:


Travel in convenience and style with a Baggallini in your hand. Established by two flight attendants who needed bags that could withstand their busy lifestyles, Baggallini’s products fuse fashion and function, with bold looks and optimized organization for casual and formal use.


Hobo leather products are made using socially responsible practices and available in eye-catching colors. Their line of leather bags includes spacious backpacks, clutches, shoulder bags, and even compact wallets.


Sven’s designers in Berkeley, California, bring design, quality, and utility together to cater to practically any taste. You are sure to find outstanding craftsmanship and excellent design in each bag Sven offers.

Joy Susan

Joy Susan showcases a line of wallets and bags made with vegan leather, all of which are available in trendy colors and styles.

ili New York

Dedication to premium leather makes the vibrant and unique handbags, tote bags, wallets, and other accessories of this brand possible.

Maruca Design

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Maruca Design has constructed hand-cut and sewn bags using jacquard woven fabrics since 1991. These bags reflect eclectic, unusual, and progressive textiles.

Other Accessories

Consider the range of ethical jewelry and scarves we sell alongside our bags and clothing to complete your locally sourced look.


We’re proud to offer an abundant assortment of high-quality and eco-friendly jewelry from Marjorie Baer, Boma, Kristin Ford, and Ruby Maly, including necklaces, earrings, and more.


Discover a vast collection of ethical scarves made of cotton, linen, silk, and wool from designers Dana Herbert, Asian Eye, and Dunlap Weavers, all of which are devoted to environmentally sound practices and local philanthropy.

Shop Products Rooted in the Mission of Paloma Clothing

Locally owned since 1975, Paloma Clothing has transformed from an import shop to a boutique that carries only the finest selections of ethical women’s clothing. With local and global knowledge of fashion, we keep up with the most current fashion trends to provide outfits for numerous situations, from formal to casual. We’re also dedicated to American-made and eco-friendly products. The majority of our clothing lines are manufactured in the United States, and several brands we carry, such as Aventura and Blue Canoe, exclusively use natural materials and Fair Trade Certified practices. Besides having minimal impact on the planet, these renewable fabrics are strong enough to last you many years.

If you’d like more information about our ethically sourced bags or what else we offer our customers in Portland, OR, and the surrounding metro area, contact us today.