woman wearing a blue jacket with a scarf on an Alaskan cruise balcony with snow-covered mountains in the background

With breathtaking views, thrilling excursions, and luxurious onboard amenities, Alaskan cruises are a one-of-a-kind vacation experience that is sure to leave you with memories that last a lifetime. While embarking on an Alaskan cruise may be a no-brainer, knowing what to pack can pose more of a challenge. That’s because of the various climates unique to Alaska you may encounter while on your adventures.

Those who have booked their accommodations or are planning to may be wondering what to wear on an Alaskan cruise. Here, Paloma Clothing, a locally owned women’s fashion boutique in Portland, Oregon, explores this topic and offers insight into what you should think about packing.

How to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

It’s not uncommon for weather in Alaska to go from frigid temperatures to blistering hot, all in one day. These drastic temperature swings make packing the right clothes especially crucial. Failing to have the appropriate attire can significantly impact your overall experience. Clothing items we recommend bringing include:

Lightweight Jacket

When preparing for your Alaskan cruise, it would be wise to pack a lightweight jacket to account for the times when temperatures get a bit chilly. Lightweight jackets are ideal because they can serve multiple purposes. Not only do they provide an added layer of warmth, but their design won’t leave you sweating during the warmer days. Jackets are also great for keeping essentials close by.


A scarf can be a great addition to any outfit because of its versatility. Scarves can come in handy during those cooler days of your cruise when the breeze picks up. They can also be used to cover your hands and even your face if it becomes particularly cold. Another great benefit is that you can easily pack scarves; they don’t take up too much space in a suitcase.


Sweaters are great clothing items to pack for almost any exploration because of their many uses. They’re wonderful to have on-hand when walking around an Alaskan town or just when enjoying time on the ship’s deck. They’re also great for layering on especially colder days or nights. Simply wear one under your lightweight jacket for added warmth and just as easily take it off if the sun comes out and you start feeling warm.

Socks and Hats

Socks and hats are small accessories that can go a long way on an Alaskan cruise. Socks help keep your feet warm and dry while hats can be used as fashion statements as well as necessary attire for blocking out the sun.

Short and Long-Sleeved T-Shirts

Since the weather in Alaska has been known to drastically shift during prime cruise months (summertime), bringing a good mix of short and long-sleeved tees can be a smart idea. Doing so will allow you to easily adapt to that day’s weather forecast.

Learn What to Wear on an Alaskan Cruise at Paloma Clothing

Cruises can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Just as the destination and your travel companions are important decisions, so too is what clothing you bring. Those unsure about what to wear on an Alaskan cruise should turn to the knowledgeable team at Paloma Clothing. We’re proud to boast that our store has been voted the best women’s boutique in Portland, Oregon, on several occasions because of our wide range of eco-friendly clothing options. Our inventory consists of several well-known brands, such as:

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