Woman in Colorful Cut Loose Outfit

You don’t want to blend in – your clothing always draws compliments and stands out in a crowd. If your unique sense of style is a key part of who you are, Cut Loose clothing offers everything you need to complete your look. Known for its loose-fitting construction and brilliant colors, the brand is a premier choice for any woman who loves figure-flattering fits and eye-catching designs. Ready to give your closet an update? Here’s how styles from Cut Loose at Paloma Clothing can help.

Sport Your Favorite Colors

Back in the 1970s, Cut Loose’s rainbow palette set it on the fast track to popularity. From the company’s early days of dyeing shirts in a claw foot tub to mastering custom-designed machinery to expand its seasonal spectrum of colors, Cut Loose garments now feature nearly two dozen distinct shades in every collection, and its color library continues to evolve every day.

And while some might shy away from vivid color, Cut Loose is for the woman who embraces vibrancy. Its Spring 2019 Collection features a variety of unique tones including eye-popping brights, soft pastels and wearable neturals that are perfect for mixing and matching. Looking ahead to summer? The Summer 2019 collection embodies all the radiance of the season with colors drawn from nature. Cut Loose also offers boutiques like Paloma Clothing the opportunity to select pieces in the colors best suited to local fashion. This means we’re able to offer shoppers an exciting selection of tunics, dresses, cardigans and more that’s aligned with the most recent Portland trends, season after season.

Flattering Looks, Quality Fabrics, and More

Cut Loose clothing is known for its implied shape that flatters almost every woman. This style originated during the company’s humble beginnings, when pieces were sold outdoors at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and could not be tried on in fitting rooms. Therefore, each garment had to be cut loose to ensure a proper fit for anyone. Over 40 years later, these garments still allow you room to really move while giving the appearance of a fluid silhouette.

The brand also insists on fabrics that support this graceful shape and hold up to a rigorous dyeing process. Choice materials range from T-shirt-friendly fabrics to linen, Tencel made from cotton linter, novelty cotton knits, rayon derived from wood cellulose and various blends. Each is tested to ensure the dyes won’t run or appear dull, and all Cut Loose garments are resistant to shrinking, pilling and that unpleasant, scratchy feeling that lower-quality clothing can develop over time.

Along with fabrics that look as good as they feel, Cut Loose garments deliver just the right combination of unique style and laidback appeal. Regardless of what is in stock, you’ll find your go-to outfits with comfortable pieces you’ll never want to take off. From work to casual weekends and travel around the world, it’s easy to create a look for any occasion.

Cut Loose Clothing in Portland, Oregon

Ready to explore all that Cut Loose has to offer? Visit our online store at shoppalomaclothing.com, or our location at 6316 SW Capitol Hwy in Portland. Our stylists can introduce you to our favorite pieces from the most recent collection to help you find everything you need to complete your wardrobe. To learn more about our full selection of clothing, as well as jewelry and accessories, contact us online or call 503-246-3417.

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