Dresses for All Fashion Trends 1

Spring and fall have a lot in common. They’re both times of transition between cold and warm seasons, as well as popular choices for weddings and other special occasions. And with so many holidays in the spring and fall, you probably have quite a few dresses in your wardrobe to give you ample options for either time of year.

However, what many don’t realize is that the fashionable dresses in their collection can be worn during more than one season – as long as they’re styled correctly for the weather and current trends. Here, Paloma Clothing of Portland, Oregon, offers some tips on choosing the most versatile dresses while shopping and making your favorite spring and fall dresses work all year long.

Invest in Cowl Neck Dresses

Imagine a loose-fitting turtleneck sweater – it features a soft, unstructured neckline, with its fabric falling just beneath the collarbone. Now, imagine a dress with that same type of neckline, and you have cowl neck dresses. Among the most versatile types of dresses, they come in a variety of styles and colors that make them suitable to wear year-round. If you’re in the market for a new dress, consider the following:

  • With a timeless look, above-the-knee cowl neck dresses are great for warmer spring and fall days, but they’re also perfect to pair with leggings, tights, or boots, a trend that’s always in style.
  • Floor-length cowl neck dress styles protect your bare legs from the chillier air in early spring and late fall. For super chilly nights, a chic sweater or cardigan is all that’s needed to keep your upper body warm, while leg slits in some dresses can reveal stylish tights that keep your feet warm.
  • Cowl neck dresses in neutral tones can be styled with seasonal sweaters, leggings, tights, boots, and other accessories so you can dress for any weather or occasion. You can even throw on a graphic tee under your dress for a distinctive yet casual look.

Dresses for All Fashion Trends 2Stock Up on Tights and Leggings

Cold temperatures, rainy spells, and the potential for frozen precipitation are always a risk in spring and fall alike. Whether you’re shopping for new dresses or testing your current wardrobe’s versatility, it’s wise to stock up on tights and leggings to make your favorite dresses work in any season. From thin and transparent to thick and sweater-like, countless style combinations will meet your needs for any occasion while keeping you comfortable in the ever-changing weather.

Choose the Right Brands

Trends are always changing, especially when it comes to dresses paired with accessories like boots, leggings, and tights. However, by choosing the right brands, you can ensure you’re keeping up with the latest fashions – without having to do any of the research. At Paloma Clothing, we stock cowl neck dresses, leggings, tights, and more from the brands we trust to stay ahead of the trends. These include:

  • Adventura: Like us, Adventura is committed to sustainability and ethics in all business practices, including the stylish fabrics used for its dresses and leggings.
  • B.ella: Known for its luxurious and trend-setting tights, all the brand’s products are made in the United States, featuring both neutral and bold colors to finalize any look.
  • Neesha: Offering dresses, this brand is known for its comfortable, flattering styles that are designed to be versatile, pairing nicely with footwear and other accessories.
  • Papillon: Known as The Original Dancewear, Papillon’s dresses are beautiful enough to pair with any dress and ideal for weather that’s too warm for leggings.
  • Salaam Clothing: With many prints, patterns, and colors to flatter every woman, this brand offers truly unique dresses and leggings out of its headquarters in Vermont.

For more tips on wearing your favorite dresses in multiple seasons, or to find out what we currently have in stock, visit our online store at shoppalomaclothing.com, or contact Paloma Clothing in Portland today.