Fall weddings can be as gorgeous as they can be colorful. The color palette available to Fall wedding planners is wide enough that everything from emerald and deep teal combinations to cherry wood can work. This variance in tone and color leaves so many options open to guests that they can get lost in Portland clothing stores looking for the right dress. As varied as women’s clothing is, the process can be simplified for those days spent perusing clothing boutiques.

Women in fashionable fall clothes posing together


One style that always works no matter what time of year is the low-key, but stated chic style. This often involves dresses that focus on elongation and simplicity over the overtly flowery or energetic. As such, a chic wedding dress in the Fall may often be black, or another dark color such as navy blue. Either way, the dress should be one toned; the idea is to not loudly draw attention but to be a beauty to behold.

Textured Styles

But if low-key doesn’t quite express the joy one feels for an exciting Fall wedding, the answer may be found in textured fabric dresses. Portland clothing stores are certainly packed with a variety of these dresses, but shoppers should be certain to consider the style of the wedding they are attending before wearing a textured style dress. These dresses send a message of fun and support.


Another Fall wedding option for women’s clothing has a more free-form approach; a silk dress with ruffles and flattering layering pieces. This style affords the attendee the pleasure of wearing louder colors, which are offset by the graceful and relaxed style of the cut of the dress.


Others shopping at clothing boutiques sway the opposite direction, choosing the formal over more relaxed or casual patterns. For some, a Fall wedding is best celebrated in a lace pattern dress with earth-toned colors and accessories. This magnetic style leans into the etiquette of a wedding while also putting the beauty of the wearer on a pedestal.