model wearing Blue Canoe Organic Clothing with a shoulder bagDid you know that Paloma Clothing carries Blue Canoe? Like all of our brands, Blue Canoe produces eco-friendly clothes that are stylish, comfortable and long lasting. If you’re looking for something that’s soft, yet sophisticated, we encourage you to come in and check out the selection of Blue Canoe organic clothing today. Learn more about the brand below.

Effortless Fashion

Blue Canoe clothes are made entirely from natural fibers that have been organically grown. The fibers range from cotton and hemp to bamboo. By making their clothes this way, Blue Canoe is able to create pieces that are soft, breathable and fluid. The fabrics simply feel good against your skin and are never fussy, making it easy to get dressed and head out the door every day with confidence. So if you’re someone that loves to dress comfortably and casually, while still looking stylish and put-together, then Blue Canoe is right up your alley.

Where do you wear Blue Canoe clothes? The answer is almost anywhere. You can mix and match the tops and bottoms to suit just about any occasion. You can wear Blue Canoe to work, to brunch and even to the gym. Every piece is designed to transition with you throughout the day as you move from one place to the next. And wherever you go, you can count on the fabrics to help you feel comfortable and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

About the Brand

Blue Canoe clothes are designed for the everyday woman, whether she’s going to work, relaxing with friends or exercising in the studio. Established in 1994, the brand has been an organic clothing pioneer. All of their pieces are designed and made right here on the west coast in San Francisco, and they’re all crafted from sustainably sourced materials, including organic cotton and organic bamboo. Paloma Clothing is proud to offer Blue Canoe to our customers and share their beautiful, effortlessly stylish fashion with the greater Portland community.

Have you ever worn Blue Canoe organic clothing before? If so, you may be familiar with some of the benefits. If not, this is a whole new world for you to discover! Overall, clothes made from organic materials are better for the earth, for the farmers and for you compared to clothing made from conventional materials. Some of the main reasons why so many people love to shop for and wear organic clothing include:

  • Blue Canoe’s organic cotton and organic bamboo are grown with zero pesticides or fertilizers
  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable crops available; it’s renewable, fast growing and doesn’t require irrigation
  • Bamboo yields up to 20 times more fiber than trees and produces 30% more oxygen than trees
  • Bamboo can be grown on soil that’s been damaged by overgrazing and does not cause soil erosion
  • Blue Canoe’s fabrics are colored with nontoxic dyes that are gentle on the skin

Shop Blue Canoe and More Eco-Friendly Brands Today

Every time you purchase an item of Blue Canoe clothing that’s sourced from organic fabrics, you can feel good knowing you’re making a difference. And because of how the clothing is made, it’s designed to last a long time and be just as fluid and flattering as it was the first time you wore it. Stop by Paloma Clothing in Portland today to shop Blue Canoe and all of our other eco-friendly brands. For more information, call 503-246-3417 or contact us online.