two women dressing light for overseas travel, while enjoying ice creamAre you planning to take a trip overseas and want to pack light? This may seem like an impossible feat but it can be accomplished when you know what to pack and how to pack. Paloma Clothing carries a variety of clothing items and accessories suitable for inclusion in an intentionally light packing plan for overseas travel. Here, we discuss what to pack for an overseas trip when traveling light, as well as the clothing options and brands we carry to accommodate you.

Packing List for Overseas Travel

Packing light can make traveling much simpler by reducing the effort it takes to move around at airports, on trains, and during the trip. Depending on the type of trip you plan to take overseas, this can be essential. Stairs, cobbled streets, and other challenging terrain become much more manageable. Furthermore, by packing efficiently, you can change locations much more easily and more often if you’re planning to visit multiple locations while on your journey.

While there are many reasons why you should travel light, it’s often easier said than done. Packing light can be achieved by following these guidelines:

Only Pack the Must-Haves

As you think about your upcoming trip, it can be easy to begin imagining outfits in your mind and end up overpacking. To avoid bringing more than you need, remember to pack only your must-haves and not anything that would simply be nice to have on the trip. Before placing any item in your travel bag or suitcase, contemplate which category it falls under.

Pack Versatile Items

One of the easiest ways to pack light is to incorporate pieces that serve multiple purposes. That means staying away from specialty clothing or outer layers that can only be worn once. Additionally, stay away from bold or niche items that are difficult to pair with other outfits. Instead, bring with you items that can be dressed up when the occasion calls for it and dressed down when appropriate.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Unless it’s a surprise trip or a spur-of-the-moment decision, you should have enough time to pack smartly. If you give yourself only hours to pack before departing, you’re more likely to panic and quickly fill your luggage with items you don’t need.

Smart and Stylish Travel Wear Options at Paloma Clothing

When packing light for an upcoming trip overseas, you can find stylish and efficient clothes at Paloma Clothing. Our inventory is filled with items that can be worn for several occasions, making them ideal travel items.

Keeping with our mission of sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, we have filled our shelves with brands that share our mission. Notable brands you will find at our store include Cut Loose Clothing, Fat Hat Clothing Company, Nic & Zoe, APNY, and many more. Our stylish-looking items that make great choices for light travelers include:


A dress can be a fun option for just about any occasion. You can wear one to an important dinner or to simply run errands. Our dresses are available in multiple styles, lengths, colors, and patterns.


Even while traveling light, you still want clothing items that allow you to feel and look your best. Our selection of tops can be dressed up or down and can easily be paired with several other items.


Scarves are a travel essential you didn’t know you needed. They can serve multiple purposes, making them perfect for anyone who wishes to travel light. You can use them as a blanket or pillow on plane rides or convert them into outer layers on chilly nights.

Discover More about Traveling Light from Paloma Clothing

The team at Paloma Clothing enjoys traveling and understands the need for traveling light. We are happy to assist customers in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas who want to pack lightly on their upcoming trip. We will recommend great-looking pieces that are versatile and trendy. For more information on what to pack for an overseas trip, visit our store at 6316 SW Capitol Hwy in the Hillsdale Shopping Center in Portland, or contact us online.