DolmaWhether you’re traveling to a resort in Mexico, Hawaii, Palm Springs, or the Caribbean, it can be difficult to pack lightly while ensuring you bring along stylish, comfortable outfits. Take it from Paloma Clothing – the last thing you want is to spend your trip in heat-trapping materials or wrinkled garments, so it’s important to load your suitcase wisely. Because we love to travel, we’re offering some of our best resort travel fashion advice so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest and look great while doing it.

Fabrics to Consider

When shopping for travel clothes, your priority is packability and ease. You want something that will fit in your suitcase, won’t be too heavy for the plane, and will be easy to care for when you get to your destination. And because you’re headed somewhere warm, you need fabrics that are cool and breathable, not heavy and dense.

When it comes to vacation textiles, natural fibers are best. Cotton in particular is a popular choice. It’s lightweight, comfy, and super breathable, making it great for chilling on the beach or by the pool bar. It’s also durable and easy to wash, so you don’t need to worry about tricky garment care when you’d rather be relaxing on your trip.

Johnny WasIf you’re looking for something even more lightweight, shop for linen or washable silk. These take up almost no space in your suitcase and weigh next to nothing. They’re also some of the breeziest fabrics around, which make them perfect for wearing at the resort.

Top Brands for Travel

Now that we’ve talked about the kinds of fabric to look for, let’s take a look at a few brands that work well for warm-weather vacations. They all focus on natural fibers, so their clothing is easy to clean and ultra-breathable to keep you comfortable in the heat. These brands include:

      • Cut Loose: Bold, distinctive designs come in loose cuts that are easy to pack and resist wrinkling and stretching.
      • Focus: Heat-friendly clothing ideal for lounging around on the beach, by the pool, at the bar, or in your suite.
      • FLAX: A firm believer in the benefits of natural fibers, this brand offers linen garments that are light, easy to layer, and perfect for warm climates.
      • Little Journeys Chicago: This brand was designed for travelers, offering inventive designs from Peru and Bolivia in natural-fiber clothing.
      • Dolma: Inspired by southeastern Asian markets, you can find soulful and comfortable tunics and dresses, with most offerings made of silk or cotton for maximum convenience.

    • URU Clothing: Tops, tunics, and wraps feature bold colors and distinctive patterns, and what’s more, they’re all made of washable silk – the perfect suitcase-friendly fabric.
  • Johnny Was: Specializing in boho-chic fashion, these clothes are as light and breezy as it gets, with earthy colors and confident prints you’ll look great in.

Create Your Travel Style with Paloma Clothing

To help you fill your suitcase with breezy, maintenance-free natural fibers, Paloma Clothing offers a diverse assortment of eco-friendly clothing. Before your next trip, visit our online store at or our boutique in Portland, Oregon, and stock up on the latest trends and styles. For more resort travel fashion tips, contact us today.