Choosing a bra that fits an occasion should involve more than just settling for a sports bra, or something less comfortable. In clothing boutiques, bras are rarely designed for both comfort and versatility in mind. Coobie bras, however, bring more options to the table. The only problem now is choosing which Coobie bra to wear and for which occasion.

Selection of coobie bras on white background


Comfortable and Versatile

Women’s clothing isn’t always designed with comfort in mind and the clothing that is, doesn’t necessarily fit all occasions. With their ultra soft nylon and spandex blend, one-size-fits-all Coobie bras can be worn in virtually any situation, including at the office or around the house, without worrying about wires or poor support. Coobie’s scoopneck and v-neck lace bras are perfect for relaxing around the house, as they blend so well with other outfits that they go unnoticed. Built from durable but soft materials, these bras are also an excellent choice for traveling.

Athletics and Recreation

As far as women’s clothing goes, a thin strapped, full support, seamless Coobie bra is not just for going out, but also for working out. These bras fit close and maintain their fit throughout the day, which makes them ideal for participating in community sports or strenuous activities. Whereas many sports bras often lose out on style, Coobie sports bras blend their one-size-fits-all design with attractive style so that they can be worn without sacrificing a great look.

A Night Out

The most difficult attire decisions are often made before a night out. Meeting friends at a bar, venturing out for a special occasion, or enjoying a romantic evening at a restaurant all have different connotations and, as such, make choosing the right outfit complicated. Coobie bras can help simplify at least one of the factors involved by removing seam lines and hooks, straps, or wires. Seamless scoopneck, lace, or floral print bras allow shoppers to focus on the things that matter most to them when buying women’s clothing, such as color, figure, and lines.

Coobie bras stand out among alternatives for their versatility and comfort. For those browsing Portland clothing stores, a seamless bra can open up many more clothing options than previously possible.