girl wearing comfortable floral socks
If you’re still thinking of socks as just necessary items of clothing that separate your feet from your shoes, think outside the box. Fashion forward and classic style socks can be found at your
local clothing boutique and are an easy and subtle way to make a statement about your personality and your fashion. Whether you display just a sliver of sock or use them fully as a fashion accessory, these underestimated pieces of clothing can be the finishing touch to any outfit.

The Sliver of a Sock

If you’re wearing low cut shoes, such as loafers or oxfords, chances are you’re completing a classic outfit by also wearing fitted pants that end just above your ankle. In the summer, a bare ankle may make sense, but for the fall and winter seasons why not fill that gap with a stylish pair of socks from a clothing boutique! If the rest of your outfit is bright and eye-catching, try picking up a neutral color in a classic fabric such as wool, cashmere, or cotton. If both your pants and shoes are neutral, try a sock in a bright color or with a fun pattern to add some pop to your look. Just make sure to follow the golden rule: never wear socks that are the same color as either your pants or your shoes.

Little River Sock Mill

When choosing a pair of socks, brands are something to keep in mind. Up-and-coming brand Little River Sock Mill is a prime example of socks making a statement. Selected by Martha Stewart as one of the winners of the 2015 American Made Awards, these organic socks have an interesting origin story making them appealing to millennials and organic enthusiasts alike. The fabric comes from a farm in Lubbock, TX and the dyes come from North Carolina, coming together in a family owned mill outside of Fort Payne, Alabama. They are now sold in numerous clothing boutiques. Socks with an interesting story can be a great addition to any outfit whether its casual or high fashion. As Martha Stewart said in an article about the Little River Sock Mill brand, “Women are wearing socks as a fashion statement like never before. Turn the pages of Vogue and almost every fancy dress is worn with a pair of socks.”

Our customers love our sock selection and the other accessories that we keep in stock here at Paloma Clothing boutique. We are honored to serve and style women of all ages in our Portland, Oregon community. Come and see us anytime to pick up a pair of statement socks for your next special event!