two women wearing summer floral dresses, perfect for summer travel
The beginning of summer is an exciting time. Many families and individuals choose to take well-deserved trips and vacations during the summer months. As you fill your itinerary with different activities and adventures, it can be easy to overlook an important aspect of traveling — summer travel wear.

While many will agree it’s important to be comfortable when traveling, that doesn’t mean you can’t also be stylish. Voted the best women’s boutique in Portland, Oregon, on several occasions, Paloma Clothing’s inventory features several trendy items ideal for numerous occasions, such as traveling. Here, we explore what items you should consider when taking a trip and the brands we carry that can accommodate.

How to Dress When Traveling

Whether you’re traveling by plane, vehicle, and train, what you wear can impact your overall experience. For example, choosing the wrong materials or types of clothing can leave you too hot, too cold, or both. To avoid these scenarios, consider these tips to travel with style during summer:

Go For Breathable Fabrics

When traveling, hiccups can happen. You never know when your flight is going to be delayed or your road trip extended because of traffic. To account for any situation, choosing fabrics that are comfortable and breathable is crucial. Non-breathable fabrics don’t allow air to circulate, most likely causing your body to hold in sweat. Fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk are very breathable and can help you maintain comfort and cleanliness throughout your journey.

Choose Comfortable Socks

A forgotten staple of most outfits, choosing the proper socks is just as important as selecting the right footwear. Because you may be standing for extended periods while traveling, it’s important to select a comfortable pair of socks.

Loose-Fitting Is Your Best Bet

When deciding on travel wear, you can’t go wrong with loose-fitting items. They allow you to remain comfortable in almost any situation. Additionally, loose-fitting clothing can be the safer choice. When traveling, sitting for a long time is common. The longer you sit, the more likely you increase the risk of closing off circulation. Tight clothing can accelerate those risks by restricting circulation.

Summer Travel Wear at Paloma Clothing

Paloma Clothing is proud to boast a large selection of styles and items. Our inventory makes it easy for women to shop for a variety of occasions, including travel. Sticking to our mission of sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, we provide customers with the following items to help them prepare for their next trip:

Jackets and Sweaters

Layers are important when traveling because they can be removed or added if necessary. As you travel, temperatures outside, in airports, and on planes can all fluctuate. To ensure you remain at a comfortable temperature, consider choosing one of our lightweight jackets or loose-fitting sweaters.


Resting or sleeping is a great way to make travel seem faster. Not just a trendy accessory, a scarf can double as a makeshift blanket for travelers. Our scarves are breathable and sweat-wicking, allowing you to remain at the ideal temperature while using them as blankets. They can also be bunched up to create a pillow when needed.


How you carry your belongings is an important factor when traveling. Having essentials easily accessible is possible with the right carry-on or handbag. Our handbags are available in various sizes and feature several pockets that allow you to keep travel essentials close by at all times.

Shop Travel Wear for Your Next Trip

As you think about what you’re going to pack for your vacation, don’t forget about what you’re going to wear as you travel. Paloma Clothing offers clothing that will not only keep you comfortable during your journey but will have you looking stylish as well. Our inventory consists of several popular brands such as Cutloose Clothing, Habitat Clothing, and Fat Hat Clothing Company. Our team members are happy to assist shoppers as they select travel wear for their next journey.

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