woman in a summer floral dressSummers in Central Oregon include plenty of sunshine. With a semi-arid climate, temperatures tend to remain warm but humidity and precipitation are very low. During the month of August, generally the hottest month, high temperatures hover around 81° F but also dip at nighttime in the late summer and fall.

Whether you’re visiting Portland, OR, and the surrounding metro area or live elsewhere, knowing what to wear for summer vacation is essential. Here, Paloma Clothing, a locally owned women’s fashion boutique, details the clothing options and brands you should consider when spending your summers in the Central OR area.

How to Dress for Summer

Given the drastic changes in temperatures from day and night, it can be difficult to determine what to wear during the summer. The key is finding the perfect balance between comfortable and fashionable. Tips for remaining stylish and feeling your best during the summer months in Central OR are as follows:

Stay Away from Tight Clothing

Hot weather and tight clothing do not mix well together. Instead, to remain cool while out in the heat, opt for loose-fitting clothing.

Go with Breathable Fabrics

Breathable fabrics are essential when dressing for summer because they provide better airflow than other materials. Non-breathable fabrics trap moisture, potentially making you sweat more and leaving an unflattering appearance.

Wear Light-Colored Clothing

Light-colored clothing reflects the sun’s rays, helping you remain cooler. Conversely, dark-colored clothing absorbs the sun’s rays, trapping the heat and making you feel hotter.

Ditch Jeans During the Day

Although a great option for at night, jeans can be very uncomfortable on warm summer days. Because denim is one of the heaviest fabrics, look for lightweight cotton or linen pants to wear.

Summer Wear at Paloma Clothing

At Paloma Clothing, we have new merchandise arriving daily. This allows us to keep up-to-date on the newest fashion trends and keep our racks stocked with clothes appropriate for the various seasons. Keeping to our mission of sustainable fashion, we supply customers with a variety of stylish-looking items that make for wonderful summer options, such as:

Dresses and Skirts

Designed to be dressed up or down, our selection of dresses delivers several excellent options for summer. These dresses allow you to look your best while remaining cool and comfortable during the heat. Offered in numerous styles, colors, and designs, our inventory of dresses can accommodate any occasion.

If you believe a dress is too formal for your summer activities, we also have a great selection of skirts from which to choose. Available in both stylish designs and trendy colors, our skirts can add a bit of flavor to any summer outfit.


Whether you’re looking for button-ups, blouses, or sleeveless shirts, our vast selection of tops can accommodate your needs. Made from lightweight, breathable materials, our summer tops collection allows you to remain comfortable while looking stylish.

Jackets and Sweaters

When you think of summer, you might not immediately think of outerwear. However, temperatures can fall significantly in Central OR once the sun sets. Our assortment of lightweight jackets helps you prepare for this fluctuating temperature. Our trendy jackets are available in a range of colors and styles, allowing you to effortlessly match your summer attire.

If you believe a jacket will be too heavy, we also have a collection of sweaters that can be worn at nighttime instead. As sweaters are very versatile, you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Shop Summer Wear and More

When it comes to figuring out what to wear during the summer in the Portland, OR area, turn to the team at Paloma Clothing for help. We’re happy to assist customers in selecting the right attire for summer vacation, as well as appropriate clothing for special occasions. In addition to summer clothing, Paloma Clothing also has a great selection of jewelry to pair with your summer outfits.

Small businesses have always been the soul of every community, and Portland OR is no different. Visit our store at 6316 SW Capitol Hwy in the Hillsdale Shopping Center in Portland, or contact us online.