With so much attention on the environment, many people around the world are doing their part by reducing waste, recycling, carpooling, and more. But what’s often overlooked is the impact clothing we wear has on our world. That’s why Paloma Clothing is dedicated to providing a large selection of classic and current women’s clothing from ethical, eco-friendly brands. Keep reading to learn about why Paloma chooses the brands it does, and some fun facts about natural fiber.

Aventura Sleeveless DressSustainability Is Key

One of the most important factors in reducing the environmental footprint of clothing is shopping local. Buying clothing that is made locally limits the amount of fuel and packaging required to ship the products over long distances. Paloma Clothing recognizes this reality, with 70% our clothing, jewelry & accessories being made in the United States.

Aside from being environmentally responsible, this focus on slow fashion stimulates local economies and helps create jobs. Shopping sustainably does not sacrifice product quality, either. Renewable fibers are extremely durable, standing up to everyday wear which extends the life of your garment. This creates value for you and the environment.

Plaid Aventura TopEthical Practices

Buying clothing locally can also be an ethical choice. This is because the labor laws in the United States protect workers, unlike in some other countries where clothing is commonly made. Even when clothing made overseas is stocked in our store, Paloma Clothing ensures that the brands are Fair Trade Certified. This certification means that the production of the clothing meets certain standards which ensure the working environment is safe and healthy, garment workers are treated fairly, and fair trade practices are followed.

Respected Brands

Paloma Clothing is dedicated to stocking many different sustainable and ethical clothing brands in our inventory. Two of our favorites are:

Aventura Spring DressAventura

Aventura leads the industry with its environmental practices that produce go-to pieces for embarking on your adventures around town or traveling abroad. The company uses natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, modal, rayon from bamboo, Tencel, as well as recycled polyester & cotton that come from plants and have minimal environmental impacts during production. Aventura also follows Fair Trade Certified practices, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the clothing was created using commonly accepted ethical standards.


Based out of the Garment District in New York City, APNY is a relatively new brand that has quickly gained appeal for its style and emphasis on sustainable fashion. Committed to using natural fabrics, their flattering tops and dresses are made of viscose and cupro. Cupro is a fabric made of cellulose fibers from recycled cotton linter. It’s breathable like cotton but drapes and feels like silk for a lightweight and relaxed feel. APNY uses Oeko-Tex certified dyes (meaning free from harmful chemicals) and by using a digital printing process, reduces dye consumption and 50 litres of water per print screen, and the building used for the clothing production uses solar panels for clean energy. Plus, its quality blouses and tunics carry the added benefit of being appropriate for almost any occasion, making them that much more sustainable.

APNY Floral Top
APNY Watercolor Polkadots

Shop Sustainably

The brands found at Paloma Clothing all share a commitment to environmental awareness and ethical practices that you can feel good about supporting. Our boutique has been in operation for over 40 years, serving the Portland community with quality and versatile women’s fashions and accessories. If you would like to shop our inventory, visit our online store at shoppalomaclothing.com or 6316 SW Capitol Hwy in Portland. For any questions about our environmental standards or clothing in stock, please contact us today.