Woman wearing a Paloma Clothing raincoatDo you have a secret desire to be ready for anything when you pack for a trip? While it might not be possible to account for every possibility – travel is an adventure after all – always bring a travel raincoat. In the Greater Portland, OR area, you can choose a stylish, lightweight raincoat at Paloma Clothing that won’t take much room in your suitcase but will easily handle the weather and look great. A raincoat comes in handy on a trip, and not just for rainy weather. Here are a few of the many travel raincoats you will find at Paloma Clothing.

Isle Jacobson

When your rainwear is designed in Denmark, you know it will be well-considered, practical, and fashionable. Inspired by life near the northern ocean, these raincoats protect against wind and rain. You can go outside and play but be ready to come inside for a warm drink in a charming café. Seams are welded or taped for durability, and the raincoats are made from breathable materials. You will want to wear these styles on your next trip, no matter where it takes you.

Mycra Pac

These lightweight, often reversible travel raincoats come in a choice of fun styles. Made in the USA, but appropriate for worldwide travel experiences, they feature large pockets, big buttons, and comfortable, swingy styling. Manufactured in micro weights, Mycra Pac travel raincoats come in several lengths and are wrinkle resistant. You’ll be surprised by how often you put on your Mycra Pac raincoat. Roomy and good-looking, it’s fit to wear sightseeing, out for an elegant evening, or hiking up rocky hillsides in wet weather.

Add Travel Raincoat to Your Packing List

A compact raincoat can be an adaptable piece of clothing in your travel wardrobe. Look for rainwear that fits your taste and blends well with your color palette, for a fashionable addition to trips that include cities or towns. Make sure it’s waterproof enough to handle a downpour but light enough that you won’t be too sweaty in warmer climates. Bring a sweater or two that fit comfortably under the travel raincoat. That extra layer might be all you need on your trip, even if the weather dips towards winter temperatures.

When the wind whips up, whether you are walking at the beach or taking in mountain views, strolling along the streets in a medieval town, or standing on board a ship, you’ll be glad to have a raincoat that keeps you warm and dry.

Paloma Clothing for Fashionable Traveling

If you need a new, lightweight travel raincoat or jacket for your upcoming trip, you’ll probably need a few other items as well. Everyone at Paloma Clothing loves to travel and can help you choose comfortable, great-looking pants, shirts, dresses, and sweaters for your journeys. These additions to your wardrobe will look great and work together to give you versatile choices while traveling. We have a diverse selection of natural fibers and easy-care items, as well as all the accessories and jewelry you’ll need to finish your look.

We can’t wait to hear about your upcoming trip. Visit our store at 6316 SW Capitol Hwy, in the Hillsdale Shopping Center in Portland, or contact us online.