Easy-to-Pair Vacation Ensembles in Portland OR - Paloma ClothingFor the fashion-conscious woman, the most stressful part of a holiday might be packing for it! Trying to fit everything into a small piece of luggage may seem next to impossible, but don’t worry. Paloma Clothing boutique has plenty of travel fashion tips!

Temperature Control

When shopping at a clothing boutique, look for easy-to-pair pieces that are good for layering. Travelers often emerge from an air-conditioned, temperature-controlled airplane or airport into a steaming tropical climate, sweating under jeans and long-sleeved shirts. Or perhaps the contrary—emerging from a temperature controlled airplane or airport into a chilly winter wonderland, shivering without the right jacket to keep warm. The secret is to dress in thin, comfortable clothes that are easy to layer, and a soft jacket that is warm but stuffs easily into a tote bag when not needed. Key pieces may also include a vest or a cardigan-jacket hybrid with clean and structured lines.

Pieces That Work Double Duty

For vacation, choose pieces that work in more than one outfit. Here are some pieces that will work overtime.

Long, Printed Tunics: A printed tunic doubles as a dress and a flowy top over jeans or leggings. It will also layer nicely under that vest or cardigan-jacket hybrid.

Leggings: Comfy leggings are warm, breathable, and versatile. Wear them under a tunic, dress, sweater, or long shirt for a variety of styles.

Scarves: A blanket scarf can keep wearers warm on the plane and double as a beach blanket once they reach their destination! Just tie the ends together, and travelers will be ready to hit the sand.

All of these key travel pieces for the upcoming holiday season can be found at Paloma Clothing boutique, where the staff is delighted to pick and choose pieces for each season.