Paloma Clothing has given generously for 42 years to schools and numerous non-profit organizations.

We are proud to say that we provide full benefits to our very deserving staff that include health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation time and sick pay.

Kim Osgood and Mike Roach of Paloma ClothingIn addition, we are proud to be an Oregon Public Broadcasting Business Partner for over 20 years and to help underwrite OPB’s weekly programs including Car Talk, Morning Edition, and Rick Steves Travel.

Owners Kim Osgood and Mike Roach met in Oaxaca, Mexico, while Mike was on a buying trip for the store. Kim is a well-known NW artist. She shows at Russo Lee Gallery in Portland and Lisa Harris Gallery in Seattle. She is the buyer and brings an artist’s eye to the store’s clothing and accessories collection. Her artwork graces Paloma’s sale postcards four times a year.

Mike handles the business and many neighborhood outreach projects. He prides himself on making Paloma Clothing an active part of the community as well as one of the leading Portland boutiques.