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At Paloma Clothing, we strive to be your go-to clothing boutique. We stock an extensive list of brands that craft their garments in the USA. Based in San Francisco, Cut Loose boasts a constantly updated variety of casual clothing pieces that are cut and sewn to perfection right here in the U.S.


Conceived in the 1970s, Cut Loose gets its name from a very literal source. Garments were initially sold outdoors at Fisherman’s Wharf, where there were no fitting rooms. So, each piece had to be cut loose to make certain it would fit. What really separated Cut Loose from the pack, however, was the distinct colors used in dyeing each piece.

As technology progressed, Cut Loose began using custom-designed machinery and computerized dye vats to gradually expand its assortment of seasonal colors. In addition to basic t-shirt-friendly materials, Cut Loose began working with other fabrics, like linen and rayon, that could cope with the company’s rigorous dyeing process.

Distinct Creations From Cut Loose

Carrying on its tradition of bold, unique designs, Cut Loose allows its retailers to customize orders. Sellers may select their preferred clothing styles and choose from seasonally available colors. Even if you’ve shopped for Cut Loose elsewhere, you’re likely to find a fresh, new look when you visit Paloma Clothing.

Always Environmentally Friendly

Cut Loose specializes in crafting comfortable garments for the fashion-forward woman, but it also excels at keeping its operations environmentally friendly.

Here are just a few of the ways the company stays green:

  • Uses only nontoxic dyes
  • Neutralizes wastewater to avoid pipe corrosion
  • Repurposes fabric tests into products that can be purchased at the Cut Loose factory store
  • Ships garments exclusively with recycled packaging
  • Uses minimalistic labeling

Paloma owners Mike Roach and Kim Osgood visiting the Cutloose factoryPaloma owners Mike Roach and Kim Osgood visiting the Cutloose factory

Cut Loose At Paloma Clothing

Dive into the exciting custom collections offered by Cut Loose at Paloma Clothing in Portland, Oregon. Stocking a variety of clothing brands and a range of accessories, we offer plenty of options to keep your closet up to date. Stop by the boutique or contact us to learn more about Cut Loose and the other brands we carry.