Shoppers In Eco-Friendly Clothing

Located in Southwest Portland, Oregon, Paloma Clothing is an eco-friendly clothing store that’s home to a host of top brands that share our mission of social responsibility. With a wide selection of garments made from natural fibers, we can accommodate many needs, from special event and warm weather outfits to casual wear. Learn more about some of the best eco-friendly clothing brands here, or stop into our boutique at 6136 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR, 97239.

Our Selection of Brands

Woman posing in a 100% natural shirt

When you arrive at Paloma Clothing, you’ll find a variety of tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, accessories, and much more from socially responsible brands, which hold themselves to a higher standard to protect our Earth. Some of these include the following:


APNY women’s clothing is designed in New York City’s garment district with a commitment to the environment and your comfort. These bright blouses and dresses feature classic silhouettes and provide a silk-like texture on your skin. Wear these sustainably produced, plant-based pieces that are decorated with patterns that pop and lots of cheerful colors. Learn more at

Aventura/old Ranch

These sister brands offer fashion choices created for durability, comfort, and great looks. Feel confident wearing these stylish casual clothes made in Fair Trade Certified factories from sustainably produced fabrics, including organic cotton. These clothes travel well and lend themselves to a variety of outings in both the city and the country. Learn more at
Aventura/old Ranch.

Cut Loose

From work to travel and leisure, Cut Loose offers something for nearly every occasion, designing pieces that are sewn and dyed to order in San Francisco, California. Known for its colorful and comfortable apparel, the brand is dedicated to environmentally friendly operations, using non-toxic dyes, neutralizing wastewater, repurposing fabric tests into products, shipping garments with recycled packaging, and using minimal labeling. Learn more at

Fat Hat Clothing Company

Designed in Vermont and made in the United States, Fat Hat attire allows women to feel comfortable in their own skin with clothing that loves their bodies, no matter the size or shape. From pieces perfect for a night out on the town to options ideal for a casual day at home, you’ll find sweaters and jackets from Fat Hat to meet your every need. Learn more at


More than 75% of Aventura’s designs utilize sustainable or lower-impact materials, as well as support the growth of organic agriculture. The brand is committed to using organic cotton, rayon made from bamboo, renewable wood pulp, recycled cotton and polyester, and other natural fibers to craft each piece and practice social responsibility. Learn more at

Habitat Clothes to Live In

Offering a broad selection from sweaters to capris, Habitat Clothes to Live In’s designs combine sophistication and unique flair to serve modern women. This boutique brand creates clothing in small batches, enabling shoppers to find something truly special every time they walk into our eco-friendly clothing store. Learn more at

Nic & Zoe

With sizes running from petite to plus, Nic & Zoe understands what makes each woman unique and uses that vision to produce timeless clothing. Committed to eco-friendly operations, its quality clothing is crafted with strong fabrics, woven with intricate knitting techniques, and comfortable for all-day wear in any scenario. Learn more at


Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Lisette’s pants are known for their ability to look flattering on any figure and are composed of elastane, lycra, cotton, sustainable Tencel fiber, and viscose for ultimate comfort. Learn more at


Committed to protecting the environment, APNY has a well-known green initiative in place, promising to utilize sustainable and ethical practices in the development of its clothing. For our shoppers, that means they can not only look and feel great in APNY blouses but also know they’re doing their part for the environment. Learn more at

Johnny Was

At the intersection of boho chic and vintage flair is Johnny Was, which produces socially responsible clothing for a wide variety of occasions. Learn more at

Learn More about Our Eco-Friendly Clothing

Whether you’re looking for something special for a party or need comfortable everyday wear, Paloma Clothing can help you stock your closet with some of the best eco-friendly clothing brands in North America. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today.