Group photo of staff at Paloma Clothing in Portland OR
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  • “With so many sweet dress and jewelry shops near my house in NE, Paloma Clothing is totally worth the drive to Hillsdale.

    The staff is incredibly friendly, helpful, and smart about what they carry and what you might like if you’re not exactly sure.

    Their sales are incredible. Get there early, and have your ,“oh, sorry, excuse me,” cued up for repeat, because these sales are popular and the place can get crowded.

    I love their dresses, skirts, purses, jewelry and scarves, and get tons of compliments on everything I buy. The prices can be a bit high at times, but the sale and clearance racks are always being updated.

    This is one local business that lets you know how grateful they are for your support.
    A few days following every single one of my visits, I receive a pre-printed thank you card in the mail with a handwritten inscription. When I went to today’s sale, one of the owners was there, greeting people, pointing them to the plate of cookies and coffee, and thanking everyone profusely for stopping by.”

    - Reed C.

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  • “Entering Paloma Clothing is like going to your best friend’s house to play dress up. The friendly staff greets you with offers of a beverage and assistance. Regardless of whether I am just browsing or seeking a special piece of clothing for a special event, the staff is immensely helpful. I have shopped in Paloma Clothing with my daughter and my mom. It is one of the few stores in Portland where I could find clothing that appeals to all of us. Great selection of high quality clothing and jewelry!

    The fact that the owners are involved in the community is simply the best.”

    - Ellyn F

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  • “I’ve been shopping at Paloma Clothing for years and years. It’s my go-to place for clothes. I almost always find just the right thing and the quality of the clothing is wonderful. The owners are great community members, too, which is a bonus. Love it!”

    - Cathie S.

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  • “I love this place, and love that it is a strong part of my neighborhood. On any given day, 1/2 to all of what I wear comes from Paloma Clothing. The owner, Mike, is great, and highly involved in the local neighborhood association and furthering Hillsdale as a great place to live. The store prides itself on customer service and a friendly, non-pressured atmosphere. The place can get crazy during sales, but most of the time, it is very easy to shop at, and I don’t believe I have ever walked in there without finding something that I love. One of my favorite Portland places!”

    - Kate P.

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  • “There’s great diversity in their selection; I can bring friends in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and my mom, and we all go into the dressing rooms with stacks of things to try. I can always find gifts here, especially for my friends in their 40s and 50s.

    I have purchased a couple of signature pieces of clothing that I look forward to wear, and I’ve picked up several staple pieces of jewelry that are unusual enough to create interest but simple and classic enough to go with everything. Being in my late 20s, I don’t always find things for myself here, but I always enjoy the shopping experience regardless.

    Also, the jewelry selection here is second to none; they have items for virtually every taste and price point. The girls who do the ordering for the jewelry are exceptionally helpful as well. If there’s a piece that you’re interested in, they can always tell you all about it — where it came from, who designed it, what it’s made of, etc. — and if you need to order something (because it’s out of stock, or because you want a different metallic finish), they’re incredibly diligent about following up with the designer and letting you know what they find out.”

    - Allie R.