With a wide range of distinct brands, Paloma Clothing strives to offer high-quality garments and accessories for the woman seeking sustainable fashion. One brand that stands out among our collection is Tianello by Steve Barraza.  It offers pieces handmade in the USA and crafted of natural, eco-friendly fibers.

Iconic Designs For 25 Years And Counting

Tianello has been producing quality clothing from specialty fabrics since 1992. The company is best known for the vivid colors and attention-grabbing prints of its pieces. Its unmistakably bold designs, are constructed of natural, eco-friendly fibers including TENCEL.


model in clothing by TianelloThough Tianello uses an array of natural fibers, including silk, cotton, georgette and more, the company’s use of TENCEL sets it apart.

TENCEL stands a cut above many other fabrics for a number of reasons. Among its many defining characteristics is its soft, breathable and lightweight feel. It’s also highly resistant to shrinking and wrinkling, which makes caring for TENCEL garments effortless.

The material is considerably greener than many other fabrics, too, thanks to the closed-loop process used in its production. Plus, TENCEL is made from eucalyptus, which can be grown where other plants might not thrive and requires no pesticides, artificial irrigation or gene manipulation to yield a successful harvest.

When paired with the material’s comfort factor, these environmentally friendly characteristics make Tianello’s TENCEL products a clear choice for the environmentally conscious shopper.

Unique Looks From Paloma Clothing

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